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THE BANDAIDS' aim to inspire to build a community of appreciation, understanding, and application of music is achieved by collaborating with music teachers, working within the framework of the curriculum while understanding that a dynamic approach is needed given each school's unique music program.


Through collaboration, a customized program, which is intended to add to the music teacher's vision, is created. It is the goal to create a community of learning that not only addressess the music but also the life skills that can be achieved through the vehicle of music, such as team building, leadership, earning vs instant gratification.


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A fantastic video demonstrating the sound of the French Horn using John Williams tunes. Also provides the music notes in case your students wish to play along:

A great long tone exercise for your brass players is the Carmine Caruso "Six Notes" which is Included here in the Caruso PDF showing the exercises as well as an instructional video: