How It Works

Our process starts with a free consulation with you in order to assess how best THE BANDAIDS can be of assistance in order to maximize our impact on your students.


What’s Next?

After you send us your information, one of our Educational Consultants will contact you to discuss how we would create your customized program for you and which topics you'd like us to discuss. We may ask you for more details, such as grades, examples of schoolwork and discuss other important details such as availability and expectations. This will assist in finding the best clinitian within our music education network.

For multiple sessions, something THE BANDAIDS believes is important, the process will be evaluated and adjusted based on the skillsets of the students.

Our Process 

  • 1. Understanding you and your music program (Strategize)
    THE BANDAIDS start out by discussing with the music teacher the state of the school's music program and the teacher's vision. Together with the music teacher, THE BANDAIDS will formulate a custom session plan to foster the appreciation, understanding, and application of music while keeping in line with the music curriculum.
  • 2. Resource Gathering
    Through its experience and network connections within the music industry, THE BANDAIDS will gather resources to deliver the sessions agreed upon during step 1 of the process. These resources might include specific music, special guests, adjudicators, specific band configuration clinics, and any other resource required to support the mission statement of THE BANDAIDS and the expectations set out by the music teacher.
  • 3. Implement
    As the content of the customized program is delivered, the goal of THE BANDAIDS is also to create a community between the teacher, THE BANDAIDS, and the students in which everyone feels comfortable to ask and answer questions. Through this, the students will not only be instilled with a sense of passion and pride for learning music, but will also be encouraged to go beyond the music and dive into learning life lessons which can be obtain through music educations. Life lessons such as team building, leadership, and life concepts such as earning vs instant gratification (deserving).
  • 4. Reflect
    Reports will be sent to the teacher after each sessions. These reports are used to evaluate the impact of the session(s) as well as plan out and streamline further sessions


Our Difference

THE BANDAIDS provides an organized approach to clinics and through its connections within the music industry are a one-stop shop for any music education needs you may have. We create an individualized educational plan for each teacher/school and match resources based on the student’s academic needs and personality. 

THE BANDAIDS have a vast network of industry professionals to draw from. If what you are interested in for your program is not on the below list, please reach out to THE BANDAIDS to discuss your requirements.


If you are interested in a Topic and would like more information, please reach out to us.

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced band workshops
  • Genre Specific Workshops
  • Improvisation Workshops
  • Instrument Masterclass
  • Private Lessons
  • RCM Overview
  • Mock Adjudication – Concert and Festival Preparation
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Music History
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Online Learning and Resources
  • Music Business
  • Pathways – Post Secondary School Music Programs
  • Pathways – A Career in Music
  • Audition/Exam/Performance Preparation
  • Composing and Arranging
  • Music Software - Sibelius

Topic Suggestions